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Food Court

Baskin Robbins

Offering delicious and fun treats in 150 cities/ towns with 600+ stores, Baskin Robbins is one of the largest ice cream retail chains in India. A dedicated team of people with expertise in the hospitality industry  has turned BR into the world’s most loved Ice Cream Brand.


Ultimate destination for tea lovers

Dairy Day Ice Creams

Starting in a modest 2000 square foot factory, Dairy Day swiftly grew into a leading ice cream brand in India.


ChicKing is a rapidly growing fast-food chain , specializing in serving the tastiest crumb fried chicken using a secret recipe which includes a unique blend of the choicest herbs and spices serving Real Recipe, Real Taste, Real Fried Chicken since the year 2000.

Momo N Me

Momo and Me, where flavors meet fun! Our culinary haven brings you a delightful array of momos, crafted with love and creativity. 

Top In Town Veg

Top in Town, a pioneer in outdoor catering and event management in Palakkad, Kerala, has been adding unforgettable flavors to every occasion since 1997. With a commitment to sincere service and hospitality, we’re excited to announce our new outlet at LuLu Mall Palakkad, offering delicious vegetarian food.

Rice N Noodles

Rice and Noodles offers a great selection of satisfying noodle dishes. Loyal customers rave about the many popular items, including the Rice and Noodles special noodle soup, seafood with thick rice noodles, and wonton soup.

The South Indian Coffee House

South Indian Coffee House, a delightful haven celebrating the region’s rich history and traditions, offers a signature treat with the beloved filter coffee—a cherished part of South Indian households for generations. 

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