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Revolutionizing Shopping in India: LuLu’s Commitment to Excellence

LuLu Group International, headquartered in Abu Dhabi, has redefined the shopping experience in India through its visionary hypermarkets and malls. Proving to be a flagship destination for modern retail, LuLu’s Malls stand as a testament to their dynamic evolution from just supermarkets and hypermarkets to high-profile shopping havens. Under the exceptional leadership of Padma Shri Yusuffali M.A., Managing Director, LuLu Group International has earned international acclaim, ranking third in the esteemed “Forbes Top 100 Companies” and being regarded by Deloitte as ‘one of the ten fastest-growing retailers in the world’, making an impact in the Arab world. LuLu’s unwavering commitment to excellence is highlighted by its staggering achievements. Over 1,104,000 sq. m. of total retail space, a workforce of 65,000+, operations spanning 23 countries, and a retail network comprising 250 plus stores and 24 shopping malls are but a glimpse of their remarkable journey.

Through the establishment of the prestigious LuLu Mall franchise in India, the group aims to bring forth a new era of shopping experience across the country. The Group’s vision and steadfast commitment have propelled them to the forefront of the organized retail sector, revolutionizing the way customers perceive shopping. They strive to make quality brands from all over the world easily accessible, presenting a globalized shopping experience. Moreover, with LuLu’s hypermarkets accompanying the malls, they ensure that these exceptional products are priced at levels that guarantee smiles on every face – a commitment that reflects their dedication to spreading happiness.

With LuLu Malls, they’ve pioneered a new archetype of shopping destinations that weave luxury, entertainment, and convenience seamlessly. Each LuLu Mall isn’t just a place to shop; it’s an immersive experience, blending premium brands with an atmosphere that resonates with diverse audiences. From spectacular franchise stores to expansive food courts and family entertainment zones, every corner of a LuLu Mall is meticulously curated to redefine how people interact with products.

Currently, India operates the following malls in India: LuLu Mall Kochi, LuLu Mall Bengaluru, LuLu Mall Lucknow, LuLu Mall Trivandrum and Y Mall, Thrissur. India’s first LuLu Mall was launched in 2013, with its first branch in Kochi, Kerala. Even after 10 years since its birth, the mall remains the most popular shopping destination in Kochi and a definitive landmark in Kerala. LuLu Mall continues to captivate hearts with over 250 brand outlets and have introduced over 150 top-tier brands to Kerala. With each passing year, the mall consistently elevates international shopping and entertainment standards, evidenced by its global recognition, including a Guinness World Record. LuLu Mall Bengaluru, too, is an enchanting ensemble of retail offerings spanning five storeys, housing 150 stores and the largest indoor entertainment zone, thus encapsulating the desires of discerning shoppers. LuLu Mall Thiruvananthapuram launched Kerala’s first PVR IMAX screen. With Y Mall, Thrissur, the group forayed into India’s tier-3 towns where lies immense potential, giving the locals a taste of LuLu’s extravagant shopping experience. Their vision is ever expanding with each new mall hosting new and exciting attractions, thus ensuring that it remains distinct from its competitors. With the latest addition, LuLu Mall Hyderabad, LuLu aims to provide the same happiness that the other five malls have successfully delivered, and even more.

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LuLu Mall
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